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    We maintain the international standard for the best output.

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    We’ve got it all covered for you.


  • E-commerce Photo Editing

    E-commerce Photo Editing

    Have you ever wondered at those well sized, centered, spotless and colorful photos of Shopify, Alibaba, Etsy, Amazon eBay and imagined if your images were looking this gorgeous! Sure it will be! We can help you to match the image quality of world famous E-commerce websites!
  • Clipping Path Services

    Clipping Path Services

    The best technique of removing background is here. Basic clipping path service starts only at $0.29 USD. We are offering 06, 12 and 24 hours of sharp turnaround. Free samples available. Hand drawn pen-tool clipping paths created in Photoshop, guaranteed to be perfect.
  • Image Optimization

    Image Optimization

    Image optimization will make your images ready for web and you website will run considerably faster. Still the quality will remain professional. We have a skilled fast team to work on your images in a short time. Prices starts from $0.49 USD per image.
  • Photo Manipulation

    Photo Manipulation

    Photo manipulation & neck joint service will remove the mannequin part of the dress and adjust neck. It is the ecommerce style of cloth photo editing for more realistic display in eCommerce websites and web shops. Our prices starts at only $0.69 USD per image.
  • Drop Shadow & Mirror Effect

    Drop Shadow & Mirror Effect

    Drop shadow and mirror effect will give the sense of depth to the image. We have team of 100+ professional graphic designers who will aid your task with great skill and quickness. Our price for drop shadow starts at $0.69 USD only per image. Urgent delivery and free samples available.
  • Color Correction

    Color Correction

    Want to display your products in different colors? You can do that by performing color correction to those products. That can easily display the products in the exact colors as the customer wants. Color correction also helps to improve and brighten colors.
  • Photoshop Retouching

    Photoshop Retouching

    Every body wants fresh and flawless images. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web shop owner, seller, web developer, marketer or anything. Fresh and flawless images will always speak to the audience. Photo retouching will make your images flawlessly beautiful.
  • Image Masking Services

    Image Masking Services

    You are welcome to enjoy our high quality photo masking service. No matter how tough the background is, we can sharply extract the object and clear the background. Urgent delivery available. Our price for masking starts at $0.99 USD per image.
  • Raster To Vector

    Raster To Vector

    Vector art will allow you to make your favorite image/graphics as large you want. It frees the graphic from the clutches of dots and pixels. Ideal for billboards and advertising. Also fix your damaged images with vector. Our price starts at $1.29 USD.


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Save Money – Grow Big

Stay with us and enjoy our uniform rates in image editing. Our skilled team are ready for any competitive price. Enjoy the best deals with us.  Safe dealings via PayPal is guaranteed.

Easy Upload and Download

With the arise of Dropbox, image upload and download has become easier than ever. We also love that! Enjoy our Dropbox powered special features and upload, download, share images from anywhere!

Strict Turnaround

Fast and guaranteed turn around by professionals. 06, 12 and 24 hours of strict turnarounds. Guaranteed replies of emails . Track orders online. Enjoy a premium facility with the simplest cost.

Dedicated Customer Service 24/7

Our customers are the main reason why Clipping Pathed is still keeping its head up. That’s why we have created one of the most alert, friendly, helpful and intelligent customer care.

Pay With PayPal

Clipping Pathed always puts clients first. We always strive to give the best user experience to our clients. That includes payments method too. Pay with PayPal and stay safe.

In House Studio

One of our major strength is our carefully build in house graphics design studio. Day by day it has become a full-fledged editing studio where we can room about 150 graphics designers.


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    Thank you so much for your hard work on the images. Everything looks so perfect. Please send me the invoice and I will pay right away.

    John McLein
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    You helped me to get rid of my clipping path job and I'm super happy with the result. Great Service!

    Head of Graphics, A. Action Studio.USA
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    Photos came out great. Thanks for the fast turnaround. I really needed the quick.

    Laura Tasevski
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    Excellent work, You guys are awesome! I just uploaded my 1st category and it looks great. Thank you.

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