Clipping Path


What is Clipping Path

When we talk about outsourcing works to some overseas institution, clipping path is the name the pops up in our mind at the very beginning. Any one who is related to online business or any kind of visual media might be in need of clipping path. Clipping Path is a technique of selecting and separating any particular portion of an image. If you want to any kind of selection with accuracy, you will need clipping path.


Use of Clipping Path

But mostly, clipping path is used for knocking out the background of any image. By this time you already know that background of an image needs to be removed in some cases. Especially if you want to display the product for online sell, you better remove the existing background of the image and insert a plain white background instead. Why? Because white background benefits the product of the image in many ways. Because millions of online sellers are making the background white before uploading the image.  In some other post I will explain the benefit of white background.

Photoshop Pen tool

Now there is a number of ways by which you can knock out the background of the image. Also there are many automated processes and auto selection processes to remove background. Among all of them, Photoshop clipping path is the most reliable way to do that. Photoshop uses a tool named pen tool to create clipping paths. The user can control the paths with the mouse and keyboards. Therefore clipping paths comes out the most accurate among all other techniques. It has great control and that makes the removal of background totally flawless. Even the process is not a hard one. A computer, Adobe Photoshop and some practice is all you need.

Still most seasoned web shop owners would like to outsource the work of clipping paths. Clipping Path is a time consuming job. Though it seems easy, it requires loads of accuracy and patience. You need to know a lot about the measuring, feather ratio and all other stuffs in detail, if you want a professional out put. And mostly, if you invest such a long time behind something like clipping path, then it will be hard for you to manage all the other issues. There is a smart solve to this problem. That is to outsource the clipping path works to some online photo editing studios. The question is why you will outsource?


How We Deal with Clipping Path

The reasons are simple. Photo Editing companies like Clipping Pathed has much experience and skilled man power in this field that we can offer you a price per image as low as $0.29 USD. The price is so low that you can not simply deny. So you can get rid of this time consuming task with such a low cost and use your time for other necessary staffs.  Our skilled army of designers are specially trained to provide you skilled service and within the possible shortest time.

Talking about time, to perform clipping path the most easiest images will need an average of 7-10 minutes per image for an expert designer. For a non professional it will take 20-30 minutes. From this calculation, it looks like we will save more less 1 hour of your time in exchange of merely $1.00 USD. Sounds handy?


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Why you will send images to Clipping Pathed?

  1. Clipping Pathed has a bunch of DTP professionals and seasoned graphic designers who are working in this field since 2007. That speaks enough of their expertise.
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  7. Corrections and modifications are absolutely free.
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  9. You need not to pay any VAT or taxes. And NO hidden fees.

Do not hesitate and start by contacting us and we will ensure that you will leave this website with a happy face. No matter how big is your quantity, our expert designers will meet any requirements and deadlines.