Color Correction


Color correction

In graphics industry, by color correction we mean changing the color of one object and give it a new color. Actually the colors appear as codes in photo editing software. The designers just edit the color code and fix a new one. This is known as color correction. It is a much demanding service in the ecommerce photo editing sector. When you are trying to sell any product, the customer might like to see how the product looks like in different color. Taking photographs of same object with different colors is a painstaking and impractical task. Also a slight difference in shooting angle can change the whole appearance of the object. Plus many more issues that will lead to further expenses and problems.

Color correction has become a blessing to these people. Now they can stay worry free by doing color correction to those products. They can easily display the products in the exact colors as they wants to. Photoshop does this magic.

Also before starting to retouch or edit any model photo, you must start with color/tone adjustment. This is considered to be the very first step to take before any editing. This can be adjusted with a tool called Levels in Photoshop.

There are 2 types of color formats: RGB and CMYK. These two has their own pros and cons. Also there is a number of ways to do color correction. Accuracy is the key to achieve the exact colors. A slight displacement in these calculations will create drastic changes.

How we deal with color correction

Designers here at Clipping Pathed has all the experience and skill that we need to do perfect color correction. We know the colors, we know the codes. So all you have to do is just download a color sample from internet and send the color sample(s) to us. We will make your product just the way you will imagine. In some cases colors are not easy to transform. Even there can be complex texture on the product which must be kept intact. No worries! We have all the resources to handle any complex task. Beside the usual methods, we use high end color changing techniques such as changing colors from carves and levels. This is advanced stuff. This will result in more accurate color corrections.  Also we provide color correction by multiple clipping path. With multiple clipping color correction you can change the color of a particular part of the product. We will select the area by clipping path and do the color correction.

In advance cases, we deal with color grading or color improving. Instead of changing the color of any product or person, we can work on the color and improve it. So your product will be in the same color but the appearance will be much richer than before. Adjusting lights, contrast, brightness and colors in a professional way will bring great result. With all these facilities with the perfect man power, Clipping Pathed is the perfect color lab for your photos. Contact Now for a free sample and color correction quote.