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Our customers are the main reason why Clipping Pathed is still keeping its head up. That’s why we have created one of the most alert, friendly, helpful and intelligent customer care. We want that our customers can have a great user experience with us.

Our customers are the main reason why we are doing this business. Echoing the great US president Mr. Abraham Lincoln, we would like to say Clipping Pathed is by the customers, of the customers and for the customers. We made deep study to analyze the usual problems our clients face. And we found the solutions and made our systems easier for them. We understand that doing online business is all about faith. And we want to ensure our honorable customers that they are with a bunch of skilled, reliable and trustworthy people.


How we try to help our customers?

  1. You will get reply of your email instantly. No automatic messages. Maximum delay 30 minutes.
  2. We will arrange personalized customer service for you. One agent for one client at a time.
  3. No email stays non-replied.
  4. Easy sign up and Request Quote options. You can use social media for sign up.
  5. Our systems are easy but not weak, we have made navigation easier, trespassing harder.
  6. Easy upload and download system powered by Dropbox.
  7. Helpful and smart customer care. Proud to say we have good ratings.
  8. Online Expert Support: If you are confused about any editing, you can seek advice from our experts. It is absolutely complimentary.
  9. Notifications will be sent once we start uploading the completed images. Once the upload is done, we will email you the download links.
  10. You can write to us as many times you want. Please do not feel a bit hesitation.
  11. Please help make Clipping Pathed better. Please write to us for any suggestion and inquiry.




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