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How To Design Valentine’s Day Card for Free | Photoshop Tutorial

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Design Valentine’s Day Card – why?

Hello and welcome. First let me tell you why it can be a great idea to design Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine’s Day is ahead and every one is looking hard to find the best chocolates, various types of gifts and so on for their beloved ones. Gift types may vary from person to person.

But one thing remains common with most people. That is the Valentines card. It can the best decorative along with any gifts. Every one loves a beautiful card with some personal, touching texts on it. Gift cards are usually available in blank or with text supplied in it. Personally I always prefer to put my own words in the text portion. I’m sure this personal touch carries a special value and you will agree with me on that.

What if we take this personal touch to next level? If we know how to design Valentine’s Day card then who is stopping us to create one? Surely it will save you some bucks, but lets just forget it for a while. Can you imagine the scenario after your He/She tells that it’s a beautiful card and your reply is ‘’I made this for you sweetheart!’


From this article you will learn:

  • How to create the perfect background with textures.
  • Creating a heart shape and coloring it with gradients. Also adding more effects to it.
  • Creating an Arrow and making it pierce the heart.
  • Adding text to the Heart.
  • Finally adding some shadows to the text.
  • To help you on the way, we have added a video tutorial at the end of this post.


The final result will look like this one bellow.

design Valentine's Day card
Our Valentine’s Day card


How to design Valentine’s Day card?

To design Valentine’s Day card is not hard at all. You don’t need to be champion graphic designer for that.  To design Valentine’s Day card all you need is a Photoshop in your PC and some editing skills, and your dedication. Let me take care of the skills part for today. Just follow my steps to design Valentine’s Day card and you will end up with a splendid card.


Steps to design Valentine’s Day card

Create the document

We are starting from the scratch to design Valentine’s Day card. First launch Photoshop and go to the File option from Photoshop menu and click New. A document window will appear where you can set the size and ratio for your document.

Set the width to 1550 pixels, height to 870 pixels and resolution to 150 pixels per inch. Leave the other options as they are and press OK.

design Valentine's Day card
Creating the document


Create Texture in the background.

Once you finished creating the document, it would be so cool to insert some colorful texture in the background.  For this, go to Filters and crawl down to Pixilate and select Pointillize (Filters > Pixilate > Pointillize). It will bring the pointillize window. Make the Cell Size 32 and press Ok. It will create an awesome texture in the background.


We need a Heart to design Valentine’s Day card.  Let’s adjust the setting for it

Go to the layers palette and click on the New Layer icon to create a layer. Now open the Custom Shapes tool. You will find it under the Tools section in the Photoshop sidebar. Click and hold the Tools Icon and a fly-out menu will appear and you will see the list of the tools. The lowest one is custom shape tool. Select that one.

design Valentine's Day card
Custom Shape tool

After selecting the tool you will see available options for this on the top bar, just under Photoshop menu. Select Pixels from the option which is first from the left.

On the right side of the top bar, you will see the Shapes icon just beside align edges. Click on that. It will expand and a list of custom shapes will appear. Select the Heart shape from there. If you do not find the heart shape then click on the gear icon (top right of the icon window). It will open a list. Select Reset Shapes from the list and click Ok on the dialogue box that will appear. You will see the heart icon now.

Now click on the heart card from the shapes icon list. You will see a gear icon just on the left of the Shapes Icon. Click on that and a list will appear. Select Defined Proportions from the list. At the bottom of the list you will see a box named From Centre. Check that box.


Let’s create the heart now

Once you are done with the setting then go back to your canvas. Click on the centre and drag out. You will see a heart is created while you are dragging out. You can choose what size you want. Of course your heart is bigger than this, but let’s just select a preferable size. Do not worry if the heart is perfectly centered. We can deal with that later.

design Valentine's Day card
Heart Created


Color the heart

So far we are working on the new layer that we have created a while ago. Now go to the layers palette and double click on the layer where the heart is displayed. It will open the Layer Style window. Our heart is still Black and we don’t want it. So let’s start coloring.

I am going to use red-pink gradient color for our heart. Red is the symbol of love and usually hearts are red every where. So we will make our heart red. But also I would like to add some pink gradients as well. Pink is the symbol of romance and something cute and sweet. So we will add the pink gradient on the top part of the heart. It will make the edit look pro too!

From the left menu section of the Layer style window, select Gradient Overlay. Set the angle to 90 degrees. Click on the Gradient bar which is right under opacity. That will open the Gradient Editor window. Click on the lower left stop and then click on the color box bellow. A color picker will appear for the stop color. Select red color from the picker or you can use the color code ff0000. Press ok when you are done.

Now you are back to gradient editor. Click on the lower right stop and click on the color box as you did before. Color picker will appear and this time select pink or use the color code ff00e4 and press Ok. Press Ok on the gradient editor too.


Adding Effects to the heart

We have our heart with red-pink gradient. Now we need to add some more effects to make it look even more pro. We will add dome dark inner shadowy edges and a soft sweet boundary.  This part will be a bit complex so sit tight and follow carefully.


Inner Glow

Now you should be back to Layer style window. Click Inner Glow from the left section. Go to the Structure section. Change the Blend Mode to Normal. Edit the opacity and make it 25%. Click the color box, select Black color and press Ok. It will create a black shadowy effect in the inner edge of the heart.

Go to the Elements section and change the amount of Choke to 20%. Change the Size and make it 60 pixels. Adjust the Technique to Softer. Change the Source to Edge.

design Valentine's Day card
Inner Glow settings


Bevel & Emboss

Click on the Bevel & Emboss from the left menu section of the Layer style window. Go to Structure section. Make sure that you set the Style to Inner Bevel. Change the Technique to Chisel Hard. Set the depth to 100%.

Select Up from the Direction. Set the Size to 2 px and the Soften to 16 px. Go to Shading section and uncheck Global Light. Make the Angle 90 degrees and Altitude 37 degrees. Change the Highlight Mode to Color Dodge and make the Opacity 100%. Do the same with the Shadow Mode. Change it to color dodge and make opacity 100%. Click on the shadows color box, select White and press Ok.

design Valentine's Day card
Bevel & Emboss Setting


Outer Glow

Check the Contour from the left menu section of Layer Style Window. Then click on Outer Glow. Go to the Structures section. Change the Blend Mode to Normal. Make the Opacity 50%. Click the color box under it and enter the color code 55d5ff. It will select the turquoise color. It will create a soft turquoise border around the heart.

design Valentine's Day card
Outer Glow setting

Go to the elements section. Make the Spread 100% and change the size to 16 pixels. Finally click Ok and you are done with the Layer Style window editing.


Centering the heart

I just remembered that I need to centre the heart. For this select the Move tool (press V on keyboard). Now press Ctrl/Cmd + A on keyboard to select all and then click on the Align Horizontal Centers icon (the 5th one from left). You will find that on the top bar section just under the Photoshop menu. It will perfectly centre the heart. To remove the selection, press Ctrl/Cmd + D.

design Valentine's Day card
After Coloring and adding effect to the heart


We need an Arrow to design Valentine’s Day card

Now its time to call Cupid so we can add some arrow in our image. First we need to turn off the existing active layer. Click on the eye of the current layer and hide it. Then activate the background layer by clicking on its thumbnail. Click on the New Layer Icon to create a new layer.

Go to the left section of the Photoshop and select on the foreground color. It will bring a color picker. Select your favorite color from there. I am selecting a lighter pink (color code ff00ff). Press Ok when you are done.

Again we need to use the custom shape tool to create the arrow. So open the tool and click on the Shape icon. Click on the small gear icon of the Shape window. Select arrows from the list. A dialogue box will appear. Click Ok and you will see the existing icons are replaced by arrow icons.  Click a suitable arrow. Then click the gear icon at the top (beside Shape icon). A list will appear. Select Unconstrained from the list and uncheck From Centre.

The settings are ready now. Go to the left part of the document and drag out to create our arrow. Make sure that the arrow is not longer than the half of the document.

design Valentine's Day card
Arrow size be like this


Adding effect to the Arrow

Press Ctrl/Cmd and click on the arrow layer thumbnail. It will create a selection around the arrow. Now open the Rectangular Marquee Tool (press M on keyboard). Then create a selection with this tool. Make sure that only horizontal half of the arrow. It will delete the selection from the other half part. So now we only have half of our arrow selected horizontally.

design Valentine's Day card
selecting horizontal half of the arrow

Click on the foreground color and the color picker will appear as usually. Use the color code d008d0. It will generate a deep pink color. Now press Alt/Option + Delete and it will fill the selected part of the arrow with that color. Eventually that will create color variation on the arrow. Then press Ctrl/Cmd +D to delete the selection.


How to make arrow pierce the heart

Now we will create the effect of the arrow piercing the heart. It’s a popular sign to describe love!

Press Ctrl/Cmd + J and it will create a copy of the arrow. Press V on keyboard to select the Move tool. Now press and hold Shift and drag out the copy of the arrow. We pressed shift so that the copy arrow is aligned with the original one.

design Valentine's Day card
copying the arrow


Again select the rectangular marquee tool (M). Create a selection around the feather area of the copy arrow. Press Delete and the selected part will be deleted. Press Ctrl/Cmd + D to delete the selection too.

design Valentine's Day card
Adjusting the arrow


Go to the layers palette and make the original arrow active. Create a selection for the front part of the arrow following the same method. Delete the selected part and delete the selection too. Go to layer palette once again and make the heart layer visible too. Use the Move tool and place the both arrows with heart as if it’s a single arrow and it has pierced the heart. (Check out the video for this, its super easy).

Now we already have the effect of the arrow piercing the heart. But it is going straight and we need to make it a bit angler.

design valentine's day card
Heart Pierce effect


Press and hold shift and click on both arrow layers in the layers palette. Then press Ctrl/Cmd +T to activate the Transform tool. This tool will allow moving the arrow in to an angler position. Since only the arrow layers are selected, so the Transform tool will only work on the arrows. You will see a curved double arrow sign when you will hover above the Transform borders. Click and drag anti-clockwise. If you want to reposition the arrow then click inside the heart area and move it. Press Enter/Return when you are done.


Adding text to the heart

Our background, heart and the arrow is done and all we need to do is to add some texts in a special form that suits the card. First we need to activate the top layer. From the tools menu of Photoshop, open Horizontal Type Tool.

Change the font from the top menu bar. We will be using Scriptina in our card because I love this font. If you want you can get it form here.

Change the size to 110. Select Sharp and Align Centre. Click on the color box and select white.

Now click on the heart and write the text you want. Use the move tool (V) if you want to reposition it. If you need to rotate it then use transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd+T) and rotate anti-clockwise. Make sure the texts fits nicely in the heart.


Adding Drop Shadow to the text to design Valentine’s Day card

Go to the layer palette and select the tiny fx icon at the bottom. Select Drop Shadow from the list.

design valentine's day card
Click fx and select Drop Shadow


Make the Blend mode Multiply and set the opacity to 50%. Make the distance 14 px and size 10 px. Press Ok and you will have a nice shadow under the texts tool. Looking real pro! Finally you are done with the work.

design valentine's day card
Text Drop shadow setting


That’s it guys if you are still with me then you have already learned how to design Valentine’s Day card. I thank you for reading and learning with me. I hope you will create one give your valentine a pleasant surprise loaded with personal touches. Happy Valentine’s day!

Video Tutorial on how to design valentine’s day card


Article Courtesy: Written by Ron Zepplin, CEO of ClippingPathed.Com, a professional photo editing company providing editing services like clipping path, Photo masking, drop shadow, photo retouching, photo manipulation, reflection effect, raster to vector conversion and many more. Please contact us if you need any kind of photo editing services at affordable cost.

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