Drop Shadow


Drop Shadow

Creating shadow effect is the second most popular photo editing order that we receive, only just after clipping path.  Drop shadow/ natural shadow is a Photoshop technique that creates artificial shadow of the product. It makes the product appear a bit more elevated on the surface and therefore appears more alive and real. After removing the background of the images only the product will remain on a white surface. And usually, it will not look natural. To make it natural we can add drop shadow or reflection effect. Both are close in nature but still not the same.

In the world of eCommerce, natural shadow is very important. You need to remove the background of the images, and yet it should appear real and appealing. Drop shadow will give you that realistic effect. In this way, clipping path and natural shadow walks hand in hand. There are different types of shadow. The type of shadow may vary from product to product. Some products will need black shadow, while some will need reflection effect. Reflection shadow is a nearly similar effect generated by Photoshop. It is more appropriate for jewelry and other shiny products.


How we deal with Drop shadows

In Clipping Pathed we have more than 120 graphic designers who are experienced in creating shadows. They know the nature of shadow and the difference between them.  Tiny differences between shadows are important. Our designers will understand these tiny differences and apply the right shadows to the right images. And that will create the perfect shadow for your product.

Creating perfect shadow is important. Imperfect shadow will harm your images in more than one way. It will devastate the quality of the image. I would say it is better not to use a drop shadow than to use an imperfect one. Here at Clipping Pathed, we have trained our designers in way so they are capable of creating the most perfect shadow effects based on the products. We use the most advance method of adjusting the shadow so it just looks perfect and real. There are many measurements and calculations. Our designers are proud  to be experts of those techniques.

No matter how big is your volume, we can handle it perfectly within the turnaround.  Our prices for drop shadow starts from $0.69 USD per images. Request a Quote and get a free sample done. I believe you will love our work.