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About Ecommerce

Have you ever wondered at those well sized, well centered, spotless and colorful photos of Shopify, alibaba, Etsy, Amazon eBay and Imagine if your website were looking this gorgeous! Well, about the image part, we can help you to match the quality of these world famous E-commerce websites. If you have your e-commerce website of your own then Clipping Pathed can provide you step by step services so your images can achieve the international standard.


E-commerce is all about buying and selling images via websites. Notice that the only presentable fact to the customers is the images of the product. The customer can not touch or feel the product. So you must make the most out of your images. A study shows that once a customer likes the product (by viewing the image) then the price factor becomes less effective. Because we all want to buy what we like. For instance, not many of us has used or seen the Samsung galaxy s 7 edge smart phone. But regardless, we all love this phone. Because the phone images were sticking enough to catch our intentions.

International E-commerce websites usually maintains some rules while displaying the images.

  1. Images with products on white background.
  2. Images maintain a standard size.
  3. The product is perfectly centered.
  4. Drop shadow/ reflection effect created.
  5. Slight retouching done.
  6. Color correction done.

In some cases image manipulation is also necessary (for ghost mannequin effects). Also another edition is 360 degree angle presentation and additional zooming facility. For the two features, the product/person image must be super clean. Because the zooming will reveal everything.


E-commerce Solution by Clipping Pathed

Designers of Clipping Pathed are experienced and well trained to perform all the tasks step by step to make your images perfectly ready for this type of platforms. Our designers can create perfectly controlled clipping path so you can have the images in pure white background. They can retouch the images to get rid of all the dirt and other unwanted stuffs. We can resize the image to your requirement after centering the product. Color corrections will be performed under close observations of the senior specialists so that it reaches perfection. We provide drop shadow and reflection effect so that your images appear natural and appealing. If you are not sure about these services then we can offer suggestions and advise related to these editing.


In a nutshell, you have found the one stop solution centre for your E-commerce photo editing. Go ahead and Request a free sample so we can discuss things.

Why you will send images to Clipping Pathed?

  1. Clipping Pathed has a bunch of DTP professionals and seasoned graphic designers who are working in this field since 2007. That speaks enough of their expertise.
  2. We offer 6, 12, 24 hours of strict turnaround. Pick yours!
  3. We offer easy upload and download system. You can use your dropbox and share any folders or links with us.
  4. 24/7 dedicated customer service. We ensure instant replies. Responses guaranteed within 30 minutes maximum. (contact us)
  5. Personalized quotations for you. We only charge what it requires. You can write to us any time to check the order progress or add any information.
  6. Corrections and modifications are absolutely free.
  7. After completing the images you can pay us by PayPal, credit cards, bank transfer or any other methods. We are officially PayPal verified.  (See Payment Plan)
  8. You need not to pay any VAT or taxes. And NO hidden fees.

So, do not hesitate and start by contacting us and we will ensure that you will leave this website with a happy face. No matter how big is your quantity, our expert designers will meet any requirements and deadlines.