How to place an order?

Contact us and our customer care agent will talk to you and arrange everything that is needed. They will make conversations via email. Once you confirm everything and give us the go, we will start the work from this end.


How to receive a quotation and how much time it will take?

Just upload a couple of images and Request a Quote. Soon our customer care agents will reply you via email. We usually answer instantly. Maximum delay 1 hour.


How shall I send images to you?

We have made uploads easy for you. You can upload the images in you Dropbox account and share the folder link with us. You can use the contact for in Contact to share the link with us. We also provide FTP accounts. Please write to us and we will create a new account for you. You can also send us images via wetransfer, yousendit or email. Our email address: info@clippingpathed.com


Is there any size limit of images?

No there is no size limit. You can upload freely.


What are your working hours?

We are always open. You can contact us 24/7. We also process images during weekends and other holidays. But urgent delivery will not be possible. You will have to allow us 24 hours at least. Please talk to our customer care if you have any urgent case. We will arrange things for you on urgent basis.


How long you need to complete my order?

We usually process our images within 24 hours. We also have urgent turnaround facilities of 06 and 12 hours. Please talk to our Customer Care and express your issues.


What is your minimum requirement to submit an order?

There is no minimum requirement. You can even order for a single image. We would like to honor each and every order.


How can I track my order process?

You can write to us anytime to get informed about the progress or any other information.  Also you can inform us about any sudden modifications. Please do not hesitate to contact. It is our pleasure to receive emails from our customers. We love them! Write to us any time!


What will happen if I am not happy with the completed image?

In any case if you are unhappy with the results, please write to us mentioning the details. We will do all the necessary corrections as soon as we can. That will be free of cost. In any special case we will refund the money. But our designers have proved themselves capable and there is no record of refunding. But we have a policy about that.


Can you guarantee your work?

We have capable designers to work for you We have good servers, high speed internet and safety arrangements. The whole system is backed up by 3 layers of quality and turnaround check. We use most updated programs for image processing. We can assure you about the best quality photo editing service.


Are my image safe at Clipping Pathed?

We always maintain our strict privacy policy. We have our own studio. We download images, work and upload them back. So there is no chance for any safety issue. Our communication and designing departments are separate from each other. Also we are committed not to use or share any of the images sent by our clients.  All I want to say is your images are totally safe with us. Please visit our Legal page for more information.


What type of file do you accept?

You can send us any formats you want to. We accept JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and any other format. We can wok with any valid formats.


In what format I will receive my completed images?

Quiet same in this case. You can request any format that you like. That will depend on the purpose of that image. Include that information while placing the orders and we will do that accordingly. If you want them in more than one format, please let us know.


Can I set up weekly or monthly payment system with you?

Yes of course. We already have many clients who sends us images on regular basis. They pay us once in a month. If you send us regular images then we will create a business profile for you. Whenever you will send images that will be added to your profile. We will send an invoice via PayPal once in a month. Visit or Payment Plan page for more information.


What is your Uniform Rate policy?

It one of our special packages for our regular clients. Once they sign up for this package, they will receive a uniform rate for particular services. For instance, if a client uses or clipping path services and he/she signs up for uniform rate package, all of his/her clipping path images will be of same rate. No matter how complex they are, we will charge the same amount for each image. Of course we will fix that amount after discussing and checking the images of the client.


How to pay Clipping Pathed?

We usually send invoices via PayPal. We have seen that most clients feel the comfort and safety with PayPal. We also accept any other valid and legal payment methods. We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express and 2checkout. We also accept bank transfers. Please check our payment page for more information.


Do you have a refund policy?

In case of failure from our side to deliver perfect images in due time, we will not charge for those images. Since we accept payment only after completing the image, so you are always on the safe side.