Image Optimization

What is Image Optimization


If you want your website to load quick on customers browser, you have to make sure the website is light weight. The most effective way to do this is to cut off the extra kilobytes from your images. That is image optimization in a rough way. A survey tells that a customer will wait for 3 seconds on PC and 5 seconds on a mobile browser to get the website fully loaded. Any further delay can result in to the loss of customers. In most cases the images are the main reason behind the extra time to load any website. But you need to upload a lot of images in your website to attract the customers. How then?


Image Optimization and ecommerce

Here comes the term known as image optimization. This is the technical way to reduce the image file size while keeping the quality intact. You will have your images large and clear yet it will not be heavy and will take a little time to load. This is great for web shops and ecommerce websites as they have to load tons of images in their web gallery. But still those images will not make the website heavy or affect the average load time. Image optimization can be performed by a number of software as photoshop, GIMP etc. Also there are many websites that will provide online editing services as picmonkey, pixlr and FotoFixer. Among all of them, Photoshop is the most preferable. Under the optimization section, Photoshop has provided a number of options. Operating them perfectly will result in to well optimized photos. There are certain rules while doing these modifications. Either you have to learn yourself carefully or hire a graphic designer and instruct him.


How we deal with image optimization

Or alternatively you can just send the images to us! Clipping Pathed, with its modern photo editing studio and skilled designer crew will be waiting to help you with your images. All images needs optimization. Therefore we have created a large team of 120 graphic designers who can jump in to any project regardless of their quantity. They will perfectly resize, reshape, centre and crop the images according to their condition. The final images will be fully optimized and ready for the web. Our price for web optimization starts from as low as $0.49 USD per image

Then why worry more about image sizes and weight? Let the professionals take care of your image optimization needs. Contact Us and we will handle the rest!