In House Studio

Our Studio

One of our major strength is our carefully build in house graphics design studio. We have built it day by day with our love, care and the support of our clients. Now it has become a full fledged editing studio where we can room about 150 graphics designers. We maintain shifting duty so our services are online 24/7.

The problem with most Online Companies

Most of the online photo editing companies does not have  studios of their own. They usually seek for work and when they have one, they contact some other studio who performs the editing job as the invisible third party. This is a risky system. Because the nature of graphic design business is a sensitive one. Time is a key factor. And whenever a third party is included, usually the quality of the service will go down. Because the people who will work with your images doesn’t even know about you. You are not their honorable client. Also the privacy issue is another big worrying factor.

Benefits of having a Studio

Here at Clipping Pathed, you do not have to worry about these issues. We have our work station, our studio. Here we have our own employees who are part of the company. We maintain the utmost secrecy and privacy while doing our image editing. We download the images, process them, check them and upload them from this studio. So your images are totally in safe hands. You can consider Clipping Pathed as the second home to your images.

Having our studio really feels great. Because no matter how many images our clients are uploading, we got the situation under control. Besides, this makes our services highly customizable and quick at once. We can instruct our designers any time about any changes that our customers may want. We also instruct them specifically once the client approves the editing. So our clients do not have to instruct us again and again for future orders. They can just upload the images, let us know, and stay relaxed! Request a free sample and enjoy the quality work by us.