Payment Plan

Payment Methods

Clipping Pathed always puts clients first. We always strive to give the best user experience to our client. That includes payments to. We accept PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers and any other usual method for payment.

PayPal has become the pioneer company of the online payment around the globe. Every day millions of customers and sellers exchange through PayPal. So in this way, PayPal is the safest available online payment system.

We have verified ourselves to PayPal and that is how dealing with us via PayPal is the safest thing you can get. Ours customers enjoys a number of facilities from us. You need not to pay in advance. Once we complete the images, we will send you a PayPal invoice across you.

Uniform Rates for the Corporate Clients

After analyzing our corporate customer’s preferences, we have created our special package of Uniform Rates.  Under this package, our regular clients will be enjoying a uniform rate for any particular service, regardless of how complex the images might be. That means will not quote again and again. We will fix a quote and that will be applicable for every images.* Please contact us to learn more about this.

Our pricing is fair and exact. We always seek our expert’s opinions before quoting any images. The price is fixed upon how many minutes//hours will be needed to complete it. Fortunately our graphic designers are highly skilled and they can perform great editing within minimal time. This is another reason behind why we can charge low and stay comfortable with that.

After completing the image we send a PDF invoice with our company logo and branding. That invoice will contain all the necessary information that you need. The rate per image, quantity of the image, date and all other information will be provided. There will be no VAT or any hidden fees. We will only charge what we have been worked for.


* Conditions Applicable