Photo Manipulation


Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is a special technique that literally manipulates with the construction of the image and finally creates something new. Basically it is the art of cutting a portion of any image and fixing it to any other image. You must have seen amazing photographs across the internet like a ship in a bottle, electric bulb made of papaya, house made of bread and so on. These are nothing but the magical works of manipulation. It is highly creative photo editing. Sounds real fun right? There are many types of manipulation and one of them will suit your purpose. Let me tell you how.

Photo Manipulation To Remove Dummies

We use dummies so that any dress will appear perfectly. The customer can have a better idea about how the dress will fit him/her. Now if we always keep the dummy in our photos, it looks awkward. So we must find a middle way. Image manipulation is the answer to this problem. By using this technique, designers can cut out the dummy part and fix the neck part in a way that it will look like the dummy was never there. To apply this technique we will need two images. The first one is the photo of the dresses and the other one is  the neck part. Check out the picture for better understanding.

There are different types of manipulation and the one described will suit your purpose if you have images to upload in some e-commerce website. With the help of Photoshop, no manipulation is hard. But again there are all those ratios. You will need to adjust a lot of things before you can achieve the perfection.

There are other type of manipulations like head swap, person swap or remove, growing hair on bald head, figure trimming and it can be absolutely anything! We can perform all of them.  Though there is an ethical issue behind head swap or person remove type of manipulations and we agree with that. But if the application is not harmful to any one or anything, we will perform that for you.

How we deal with Photo Manipulation

At Clipping Pathed we have a bunch of  experienced graphic designers who are specially trained to aid you in this task. Manipulation is something creative. Here you can just leave your images in professional hand and save yourself from watching tons of YouTube videos. We use the latest Photoshop programs for this task. Our designers are really quick at manipulation. Thanks to their years of experience and training that seasoned them for the task. We also include necessary drop shadows in our manipulations so it looks totally natural. This is very important since without shadows the image manipulation will not appear perfect.


So feel free to contact us or Request a Quote for image manipulation services. Our prices start at only $0.69 USD per image! Grab the deal! No matter how big is your quantity, our expert designers will meet any requirements and deadlines.