Photo Masking


What is Photo Masking

Photo Masking is a technique that also removes the backgrounds and to extract the object like clipping path. The specialty of masking technique is, it works even better where the clipping path fails. There may be certain areas in a photo with blurred and fuzzy edges. For instance, photos with flying or laying around hairs of models. If we apply clipping path in these areas, that will not be up to the mark. It will select the areas, but the edges will look too sharp and unnatural. To get rid of these problems, we apply Image masking techniques for these types of photos.


Image masking needs proper attention and carefulness. As a part of the photo editing technique, this is a very important task. Web shop owners who usually sales costumes, dress, cosmetics and other fashion wear will need the masking service. In most cases they have images with models and they have their beautiful hairs. Clients usually shoot the models in different location. It may be out door or in door. But if that photo is for eCommerce then we have to make it white background. Here at Clipping Pathed, we have applied our most experienced designers for this job. For a couple of images, you can watch some YouTube tutorials and get them done by yourself.  In case of a bigger quantity you must ask for professional help. Otherwise you will most likely miss the deadline if you are not a Photoshop pro.


How we deal with Photo Masking in Clipping Pathed

In Clipping Pathed, we treat photo masking with utmost importance. We always engage seasoned graphic designers behind this task. We use advances Photoshop programs for high quality photo masking service. For complex masking we work it out from channels. We can provide JPG, PSD, TIFF, PNG and all other usual formats. We supply with or without layers as per client instructions.


You are welcome you here are Clipping Pathed where we can process your masking images at affordable cost. Our price for masking starts at $1.29 USD per image. Contact us and we will arrange a deal you can not deny.