Our Turnaround

At Clipping Pathed, we consider the given turnaround as our word to our customers. And we know that our customers have placed their faith on us. We always keep that in mind and work accordingly.

As we saw from our long experience in graphic industry, timely deliveries are always specially greeted. We studied and found some reasons behind. Major portion of our clients consists of photographers, studio owners, and web shop owners. They trusts on our quality and sends us images. But images are something that you can not be sure of until you examine it my yourself. So the clients will usually keep some time in hand for checking the returned images.

When we are perform the quick delivery on time, the client can check the images according to his/her schedule and enjoy the peace of mind of getting the work done. It will be also great if he/she is a third party and have to send images to their clients Now this whole process will be disturbed if we fail to deliver images in time.

How we deal with time at Clipping Pathed

At Clipping Pathed we always aim to do maintain quick turnarounds no matter how many images you have send us.  Quality is our foremost concern. But we have to delivery in time too. Our strong team of dedicated graphic designers is the answer to this issue. Our team has 150 skilled designers so we can accept any challenges about time. They are quick. We know our clients have their urgent issues. So we always keep ourselves prepared.

We proudly offer 06, 12, and 24 hours of turnaround. Whenever a customer service agent will confirm you the price, he/she will also inform you the approximate turnaround of this job. You can modify it and change it to whatever you want. You can use our live chat or email to talk to any customer care agent.