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Using Dropbox to make uploads even easier

Day by day more people in graphic and photography industry are preferring third party applications as Dropbox, wetransfer and similar others for image/file transferring. Among all these, Dropbox is the most preferable. It is easy, customizable and has a free version too.

How it works

FTP was once considered the only reliable method of image transferring. But now applications like Dropbox has developed its features so much that more people are preferring them, Dropbox is more secure than before. The simple easy to use interface has been always so popular and still now. Moreover, you can showcase your images brilliantly which you can not do in FTP. Also you can share links with others with simple clicks. It makes the job easy for the recipient too. Its customizable features allow you to modify your privacy setting for each and every folder separately. You can upload folders too. Uploading any folders or files are super easy, just drag and drop. You can also add comments on the photos so your other partners in the shared folder can check that out. For these reasons, we have seen many of our regular FTP user clients switching to dropbox and they are happy with it.

All you need is to  create an account by visiting Dropbox website. It is super easy. You can do it with your email or any social media accounts like Facebook and Google +. It has both free and paid versions. With free version now you will get 5 GB of space.

Check out our Request Sample page for more information on upload.

Besides, we also support FTP and any other third party application. Please share the link or any information with: info@clippingpathed.com