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Raster to Vector

The concept of Vector is some what confusing even to some graphic related people. Let me try to break it in pieces. The image files that we use every day mostly are raster graphics. All the jpg, png, PSD or TIFF files belongs to this category. The level of the details of this graphics is measured by DPI which is dots per inch. It is almost the same as PPI (pixel per inch).


Their difference is DPI is counted when it is a printed version and PPI is counted when an image is displayed on a monitor. The image resolution is determined by how much PPI or DPI the imagehave. More resolution means larger images. An image is stretched and printed in larger canvas according to its PPI/DPI. But it has a limit. Beyond a certain limit, the image can not be made any bigger while keeping quality intact. We can stretch the images beyond this limit. But the quality will not remain the same. It will pixilate and deteriorate.

The difference in vector

On the other hand, Vector images are created with special software like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. These software can illustrate vector. These programs will use mathematical equations and primitives of geometry such as points, lines and shapes to create vectors. The created vector art will not have DPI or PPI. Instead it will have paths or lines.

The paths have a starting point, ending point, curves and angles. Paths can be of any shape and can be used for any kind of drawings. Vectors are created with paths and not a limited number of dots or pixels. So we can transform it in to any size. The quality will remain the same no matter how much we stretch the image. No deterioration will happen. This is why vectors are ideal for all type of application, smaller or bigger. Because size really doesn’t matter here. A billboard is a good example of applying vectorized art.

How do we deal with vectors in Clipping Path Ed?

Here in Clipping Pathed we have our seasoned graphic designers. They are skilled Illustrator and Corel Draw professionals. To be honest, not many of the graphic designers understand vectors that much. It is a complex thing. Due to our long experience in this field, we have selected the promising vector specialists and created a team so we can respond to our customers quickly.

Like clipping path, Our vectors are also 100% manual. We mostly use Adobe Illustrator to create manual vectors. There are automatic ways of creating vectors but we never apply them. Because this automated process tends to miss information and that result in to low quality vector. Our vector arts are clean and sharp. We include every possible detail and our existing customers are happy with that. We can provide vector arts in any formats that you like. If you are confused about what format you will need then explain your purpose and our specialist team will suggest you the most appropriate format. Our price for vector arts is very affordable if you compare with the quality we provide. Have a test and you will not regret. Contact us and we will arrange the best available deal for vector conversion.